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Cheryll Renee Moreau

Cheryll sighed as she looked down at her food. She was so tired she could hear the conversation around her but was to tired to form a response. In fact the young youkai fell asleep sitting up her head looking down so no one could tell. She wasn't sure how long she was asleep but when she woke up Allister was gone, Yorick was still there though. With a small yawn she looked up rubbing her eyes and fixing her glasses. Allister must have gone to class she thought looking at her now cold food. She wasn't hungry anyway. Standing up she smiled softly at Yorick before throwing her food away and grabbing her things heading to the classroom.

Upon entering the room she spotted Allister talking to a white haired boy and made her way over to them. "I-I'll h-help y-you" she said softly. "W-well....I'll...I'll try my best" she added looking at him. "I...k-kinda fell a-asleep before...some b-bullies ripped my I w-was up all night" she stuttered out feeling even shyer in the presence of the other boy.

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