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I came across this thread in the middle of doing the Elite Four Challenge. I have Drake's team (From Emerald) and am at Ever Grande City about to battle the E4, so feel free to finish the game if you want. It'll be tricky!

Game: Emerald
Player's name: Magykx
Playing time: 35:46 (Mainly because I used the speed up option on VBA)
Number of Badges: 8
Location: Ever Grande City (Northern)
• Seadra Lv. 57
• Altaria Lv. 56
• Flygon Lv. 56
• Salamence Lv. 53
Pokémon in box:
• Castform Lv. 25
• Wynaut Lv. 5
• Gulpin Lv. 17
• Tentacool Lv. 9
Additional information: Torchic in Daycare at level 36. (Been in there since level 7).

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