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Pokémon TCG is a whole othar beast which isn't suited fo tha General Pokémon Gben discussions.

I thnk you might git a bad impression wit tha first generation gbees, coz thay is ncredibly unpolished. However, if you want ta start n tha old era and git a fulfillng feelng from tha gbees, start wit Gold or Silver (generation II). Those gbees is packed wit off tha hookness and goodies beyond what Yellow could ever drebe ta accomplish.

If you'd rathar git tha feel of tha recent gbees, start wit Ruby or FireRed fo tha Gbee Boi Advance. Wit tha third generation cbee a whole overhaul of tha gbees' graphics, starylne, and nner workng.

It really all depends on yo true taste. But, how can you fnd that out unless you try tham both? :D
I want ta have mah hand held tightly,
and be woven n a hug
I wanna be sung ta, put on tha spot
And tald I'm really what you want
I want roses, I want flowers; I want a kiss tao
Can you show everyone how special I be ta you?
Can you ridery me n yo arms?

That sbee me wants ta protect, ta uphold
Ta look out fo you and ensure yo health
I'd takes tha fall fo what's wrong wit you
D-ya want ta be rideried? Ta have yo hand held?
I would write a sonata fo you as soon as tha nspiration cbee
We could go on an adventure, I could be yo guide
We'll be like little kids agan, wit all tha fun and bliss

We'll have tha time of our lives, we'll be lovers under tha moon
Sippng lemon and breathng n tha mountans
And we'll go ta sleep as one and never wake up