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Hey guys, sorry that I haven't been around much lately.
Although, I don't think I'm going to comment further on your ridiculous theories... e.e

Manga 530+531 leaks
Oh ****, a wild Hichigo pre-evolution appear!
I can't wait to see how Kubo implements this thing in the story.
Maybe this thing will leave some kind of signature of its spiritual power in Isshin, which gets passed onto Ichgio.
That could explain his Fullbring abilities and give a mysterious new origin to his Hollow.

Well, now we are seeing Aizen's words playing out.
"I knew about you since the moment that you were born."

I'm also interested in how Aizen will react to this black Hollow, and vice versa.
I know that Aizen probably won't be able to resist taking it back to Las Noches to experiment on.