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Originally Posted by Brendino View Post
I wouldn't mind helping out with the club, either, since I'm not quite as busy as everyone else, but then again, there are a couple of you that are more active here than I am. That, and the club isn't quite as active as some of the other ones, so I'm sure whoever's running it won't have too much trouble.

Also, I noticed that the Canadian Club is eligible to receive it's own emblem. I'm not quite sure what the requirements would be to receive it, what it would look like, etc., but I think it would be a neat idea if we had one.
What it means by that, is that whoever owns the club (Which is now up in the air) can create an emblem for their club, and distribute it to whoever they want in that club.

@French subject: I had a teacher like that last year. Except that he also knew little English. He basically babied everyone through the course. To the point that he walked us through the final exam. In ENGLISH.