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I actually dont have a problem with the beginning of the game >> loves a challenge..

and I would like to thank you for this awesome long game so far ( I'm in Ice Mt right now and all my pokemon r lvl 40-57 ).. I mean thats crazy for ur usual pokemon game ..

I just hope this game doesnt finish at the elite for Im have so much fun right now <: ..

now.. a few pointers I would like to talk about.. of course these r things that come purely from me..

1. The guyz who give u pokemon r too much imo.. I know its a lovely idea but com'n.. at one point I stopped taking those pokemon <: ..

2. I dont know if this is intended or something but in Ice Mt when I start battling the Team *** Grunts.. the EXP i get is too low.. I'm not sure if this is a bug or something.. But for a traded pokemon ( Phonton ) fighting a lvl 40 Kadabra i get only a BOOSTED 800 EXP (with lucky egg)? I dont know maybe im wrong..

3. putting the 1st 2 gyms in bug and grass rly lights up the choice of pokemon to train.. I mean i got my charizard close to the 3rd gym and my other pokemon are all around lvl 20 at that time..

4. too many wild trainers are bug pokemon users .. i love the design of the girl bug trainer btw :>..

right now im battling the grunts but i will keep u updated.. and btw i dont like legendary pokemon thats much but i do very much like their events..

again this hack is fantastic! thank u for making it..

PS is there a sequel for this hack?

and this is another question on my mind.. Can a hack be made to visit all gyms from the generation I to V? meaning going for all the leagues?(this has nothing to do with this hack though)..


another thing.. do wild electbuzz evlove or is it only the one at the hometown?