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Quote originally posted by karatekid552:
When I meant third, I meant third from 0, as in Map Script #2.... I think, lol, I don't have it open in front of me. Make sure you copy of all of the settings as best as you can and open every script. It will be plainly obvious which one has the text in it.

Also, if this still gives you problems, I just thought of something: the tile that you click on to create a Secret Base outside of the secret base itself. The little square in the wall. That might set some vars and such as well. Look up a behavior byte tutorial and find out where its script would be located and take a look at it.
That's what I meant too. Map Script #2. (Or #4 in this case since the room map already started with 2 scripts.)

Anyways, those titles are accompanied by sign events made for Secret Bases, so I'm thinking I should relocate the map to the Secret Base header. Now, should I simply edit an existing map to recreate this map, giving it a different map number like 25.0, or should I replace a Secret Base map, keeping the map number as 1.1?
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