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Quote originally posted by Shiny Electivire:
A new rng request :3

Pokemon: Deerling
Nickname: Sol
Gender: Male
Nature: Jolly
Ability: Sap Sipper
IVs: Flawless or as close to flawless as possible ^.^
Shiny: Of course
Hatch Location: Any, preferably a city/place rather than a route though XD
I'll get on this (when I'm not feeling lazy o 3o)

Quote originally posted by KingKoopa9:
hey tabor,
how do you check for proof of event pokemon and its legitimacy? i just want to avoid receiving and trading hack pokemon for future purposes
I use a flashcart with Pokegen to export my Pokemon as a .pkm file which I upload to Pokecheck. Pokecheck can see all the hidden data (trash bytes, terminator sequences, and what not).
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