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Quote originally posted by karatekid552:
Weren't you just asking how to remove the help? Lol, I would give it another try. Make sure that the help system works on the clean rom, insert the bootscreen, and see if it still works. It could be a really neat find.
Yep tried it on a clean rom, inserted a tileset worth 2056 bytes and help system got ditched. And yeah it works on a clean FR Rom.

Here's what I did. Download the attachments and apply it to a clean FR rom.

Scripting question again. A sample starter script that doesn't involve the rival. All I can manage to do is the "Do you like Bulabasaur? No. Do you like Squirtle? No. Do you like Charmander? Yes. Here you go. I'm only allowed to give you 1 Pokemon." That.