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- oh oh I forgot! I really liked seeing how far Scraggy has progressed! He's gone from weakling battles with Axew to taking out Pokémon at League level I mean wow well done! And it's been shown over the course of the series, too- he's not just randomly powered up just for plot convenience.

- I love love love MustardShipping Ash and Stephan's relationship. They're good friends outside of battle but take each other seriously and wow they're just really fun together and the match was fantastic because of that! Well, not just because of that. But a good part of it~

- There are just way too many explosions for no reason. Still. Always. Why. :|

- I wish we could have seen more training. I feel like we haven't actually seen Ash training his Pokémon much? idk

- Bulk Up is forever creepy-looking.

- Did anyone else notice Katharine and her demanding Gothorita hanging around? And Dino from the Club Battle? Them showing up even in the background makes me happy. :D

- Can we talk about the fact the Cilan made Ash's favourite meal as a congratulations and was super happy for him and excited to give his present? No? Okay I'll just... wander off...

All in all, Ash VS Stephan was an absolutely gorgeous battle. The spark came back for this one, certainly. There was creative use of moves and Pokémon and a lack of stock animation which made for a unique and satisfying... oh crap I really was about to say 'taste' there and wow ok too much Cilan time for Anna. Anyway. It was intense and beautiful and amazing and wow more like this please.

Originally Posted by Shivi
Also, lol at Cameron camping out on the field so he's not late. Is that even legal?
Probably not lmao but he doesn't seem to be aware of things like laws. Or rules. Or time. Or much, really. What a scatterbrained dork. ♥

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