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Originally Posted by anhlong1122 View Post
I don't know why they call it Vietnamese but it isn't, totally isn't.
I heard a bootleg copy of Crystal like this was found in Vietnam. So that's why the Vietnamese in its name. But judging from the weird English in this game, it looks like it was actually translated from Japanese to Chinese to English. That's my guess as to the translation path, due to some of the wording. Elm's descriptions of the starters was probably the thing that made me think this (Chikorita is "Qige Leader" ["qi" in romanized Chinese is pronounced like "chi"], Cyndaquil is "Big Wind of Fire" [pretty literal translation of Hinoarashi, its Japanese name], and Totodile is "Little Croc" [another literal translation of its Japanese name, Waninoko]. Also, the prominence of the F-word. This translation error is pretty common in Chinese-to-English translations.
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