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I use Emacs for C, PHP, JavaScript, Perl, Clojure, Common Lisp, ELISP, Java, Shell Scripting, ASM (Only Linux AMD64 though.), and most recently, Python.

Screenshot of its awesomeness.

Also advanced things now:
Assembler, hexl-mode, and IRC.
The debugger:

It also works without a GUI so you can use it even if your OS craters hardcore.

Flymake allows for error checking for pretty much every single language out there (Except ASM). Semantic and EDE give me project management and smart code browsing, and a bunch of other things. Autocomplete is self-explanitory, it also pulls documentation with completions for some languages. Yasnippet allows me to type very little to get a lot of code. It has autoindentation, and a beautifier built-in... It has a Debugger frontend to debug most types of binaries, has revision control, has a built-in shell, has a package manager built-in with more modes, it also has obscene amounts of documentation and customization. It is also quite small, runs on almost every platform, and is in the the preferred family of editors of Linus Torvalds. (He uses MicroEmacs.) The only drawback is that it has a learning curve.

You can also play Tetris in it. (No, really.)

Also, I use Lazarus for Pascal, and Visual Studio for (No link 'cause it's not free...)
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