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I am true neutral, mayle slightly lawful neutral!

My disposition can go either way depending on how I am treated. If you are nice, I will be too...! Nice people are awesome, so they should be treated as such. They have my respect and I will be loyal to them. I won't mind anything else about them, even if it is annoying or weird to other people. Even if they become jerks later, I will still treat them well in hopes they bounce back.

If you are neither nice or nasty, I'll be friendly to you too. If you ask me something, I'll help you as best I can with no reservation. I want to help people if they need it, and I certainly don't want to be mean to anyone undeserving of it.

But on the other hand, if you are nasty, oh, I can be nastier. I think people should be treated how they treat others for the most part. If you cut me no slack, don't expect any in return when I return fire. But if a particularly nasty person amends themself, I will start anew with them.

tl;dr I'll fight back if provoked, but I will be as friendly as I can otherwise.