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Originally Posted by CliCliW View Post
Hi there, Having trouble in getting Pokemon White on my 3DS to Game Sync/Connect to wifi due to a recharging issue. I've never used the game sync option properly so I can't see why it won't let me connect. So I'm looking for a bit of help to try get it up and running. A little overview of the problem I suppose would be in order.

1) I usually play on my DS Lite, but in order to try the internet I connected my 3ds to wifi (to avoid the crappy connectivity problems with the DS).
2) But, I started playing away on my 3DS about a week ago. It told me that the "game Sync has run out of energy. It will take on day to recharge it." I thought fine, ok. So I left it a few days and when I came back, it's still giving me that message.
3) In between I think I did play it on my Lite, but it's been over 24 hours playing on the 3DS and still nothing.
4) I can connect to normal internet pages no problem.

So I think that's it really. I'm dying to give the dream world a try but I just can't because I'm consistently met with the "needs to be charged" message. Does anyone have any idea what the problem is or how to solve it? And no, I'm afraid I don't have the booklet because I bought the game second-hand cart. only :/
It is probably one of the safeguards against changing the DS Clock. Check the the global link site and see if you have to register the game with the 3DS.