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Zayne Alta - Practical Battling Begins

Zayne stood by his desk, occasionally glancing at the clock. He wanted to start his class on time, even if two of his students were yet to arrive. It was after looking back from said clock for the umpteenth time that he noticed a seemingly wild Snivy appear and start interacting with one of the girls in the class, a trainer named Valorie Ryder recalled Zayne.
Well, time to get on with it. It looks like I may also be giving my first detention today, hope I don’t come across as the mean teacher.

Zayne walked forward slightly so it wold be clear to his students he was about to speak to them
“Okay, it’s about time to get started. Welcome to Practical Battling, I’m Mr. Alta and I’ll be your teacher for this unit.” Zayne continued on, pleased with his tone and the structure of what he was saying.
“Firstly, I’d like to set a few ground rules. I’m not an unfair man but I expect you to treat each other and myself with respect and if your pokemon are not inside their pokeballs I ask that you keep them under control. Miss Ryder, that Snivy may stay but please be sure to pay attention to what I am saying”
Actually, that Snivy might come in handy later

“Now that I have covered that I should probably explain to you what this class is all about. This class is vastly different from the beginner, intermediate and advanced battling courses that this school has to offer and has been created with the purpose of teaching something that you cannot learn simply by learning about various moves and battling techniques. You will likely see some cross over between this and other classes but I must warn you that this class won’t be a simple matter of regurgitating facts and nor does it mean practical battling in the sense of just conducting battles over and over.” He wasn’t trying to intimidate them, his tone would indicate that, everything he had said was completely true but it wasn’t something that anyone should stress over.

“We will have two main tasks for today. The first of which is going to be a written task conducted in here and the second will be practical work down at the training fields... bar the ice-field which is currently in need of repairs. Please take a copy of Pokemon Analysis from the back of the room and release one of your pokemon, something small preferably. For this first task I would like you write down as much information on your pokemon as you can – they key to battling effectively is often knowing the extent of your pokemon’s abilities and knowledge as well as several other factors that your books will mention. Once that is done we will head to the training fields where we will have a brief discussion before we move onto a more battle oriented task. Valorie, you may use that Snivy for the class today if you’d like but as it seems to be wild you may want to be sure it will cooperate.”

Zayne was fairly happy he was doing his job well, he could help but feel at home in the role for some reason and was looking forward to the many experiences his new occupation would bring.

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