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Name (pretty obvious): Nathan

Sex (again, obvious): Male

Age (anything above 18 will work): 19

Species (what Pokémon are you?): Monferno

Tribe (Caerulus Tribe or Ruber Tribe. You HAVE to be a part of either tribe, your character though, can act generally neutral): Caerulus

Appearance (give a brief description of how your character looks like): Well, a monferno, but he wears a sun visor, and carrys around a blade of steel, that he carries around with him. He has dark orange thick fur, and a longer tail than some Monferno's of the same age. .

Personality (How does your character act in certain situations? How is he/she in general?): He is quite shy so he may not answer questions sometimes. In danger he gets a little bit frightened and sometimes paralysed on the spot. He will often try and help out but he finds himself being clumsy, and doing things wrong. He is quite ashamed of himself. He is quite suddered by his past and finds that sometimes, he feels responsible for what has happened.

History (Events that took place in your character’s past. Please send this to me in a Private Message, secrets play a big role in this RP: -----------

Moves (Total of 5 moves, but can learn more later in the RP): Flamethrower, Dig, Mach Punch, Grass Knot, Thunderpunch

Profession (you can be anything, from a warrior, to a hunter, to a regular farmer): Blacksmith trainee, was, and is still quite good at it. He can make basic armour and equipment, but his skill has not yet been seen by other pokemon in the Caerulus tribe.

Other (anything else not covered above?): Smart, and has many tactics. He is also known by his family as the failure of fire, due to his lack of ability with fire type moves. His allways thinks one step ahead, and likes to cover eveything before jumping into action. He hates being the leader, and likes to keep his plans to himself.

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