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Name: Shadow Skies (Im rubbish with names)

Nickname: n/a

Gender: girl

Age: 13

Species: eevee

Team: Woodland Wanderers

Title: member

Appearance: A small eevee with messed up dirty fur, has one silver, and one black eye. She has a scar on her paw.

Personality: Slightly adventurous. And takes on way more than she can handle. She is a joker with good intentions, looks up to other people. Slightly nocturnal, will spend all night looking at the stars (well till she falls asleep) she dreams that one day she will touch the stars. Despite her outgoing personality she may also be shy and a bit naive at times

History: Shadow has been a lone wolf, but has always enjoyed the company of others. And even though she can be fully independent has always enjoyed being looked after. She doesn't remember her family so she sometimes convinces herself that she came from the stars, and one time she climbed to the top of the highest tree an jumped to try and 'return' to the stars. That it how she got the scar on her paw as the grabbed on to a branch as she fell. Being naive she has got herself into difficult situations, so some times she has less than she needs. But she stays optimistic, with her dreams of her stars.

Level: 20

Moveset: tackle, swift, bite, iron tail

RP Sample: Shadow looked at the stars, just as she did many times before and she waited to see the sunrise. "Wait for me" she whispered as dawn came and the stars faded. She then hid in a bush and fell asleep.

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