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Kyle Haden

The arrogant kid told his Pupitar to use Dragon Dance. Almost immediately the Pokemon began to increase in speed as it span round and round. Kyle knew he had one shot before this got out of hand. He contemplated the moves that Chroma knew and finally settled on one.

"Chroma, use Earthquake!" yelled Kyle.

The Metang pointed its claws directly towards the ground and crashed into the sand. At first nothing seemed to happen, but Kyle noticed that the ocean was pulling away from the beach. He thought it was quite strange. In the distance a slight wave could be seen. It appeared to get bigger the closer it got to shore. It was a small tidal wave!

More to come, but they're in the works. Also, if you like what you see and want one just ask. It's not like I've got anything better to do (other than write posts).
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