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Boy did I pick a day to come back and respond to comments haha! I can't see anybody's usernames since they're all randomized (Excellent April Fools joke this year, though Todoroki will forever stand out in my memory)-- so I will just answer in order from my last update with numbers!

1. Ahhh I definitely see what you mean-- and that's my fault for not conveying the drawing correctly! I actually don't tend to draw the middle of the lips, so that there- the little dip on the far left-- isn't the philtrum, but rather it was my attempt to indicate that the lip wraps around and dips back in from the portrusion of the lips. I do get it though, and I do see how it looks that way-- I'll be more careful about that placement in the future! Also with the hair curl-- hmm perhaps the discrepancy between this piece and the others may be that I wasn't the one who designed this character's hair? This character doesn't belong to me-- but I'm sure if I'd done better it would've translated more naturally anyway! I'll pay more attention to the direction of hair from now on- thanks for your critique-- it was super helpful!

And yeah it was a coloring experiment haha-- trying to use fewer layers when I color. o<-< Thank you again, very much for your kind words! May I ask, on the first comic though-- I left that space between the upper and lower parts to convey the sense of falling- do you think it's unecessary? And hahaha I'll try not to disappear again! *V*d

2. I KNOW THIS IS ALEXIAL EVEN THOUGH YOUR USERNAME SAYS HAUNTER BECAUSE YOU'RE SPARKLING LMFAOOO but yeah! I have a friend who's totally into Rubik's Cubes as well-- he collects them and everything, so I knew it was an algorithm- but correct me if I'm wrong, since this was the concept I was playing on in the comic: I'm pretty sure that even if you know the algorithm, it's still not a walk in the park to solve it right? Because in the comic I was thinking that Royal and Ming, the first two in the comic, know the algorithm, but they just can't solve it as quickly as Zenri can.... IDK if that makes any sense though because I'm TERRIBLE at Rubik's Cubes hahaha!

Ahh thank you so much! I'm really glad to hear that you like my comics- and especially the panel flow, which is what I have the most trouble with since I haven't done much comic'ing in general. I'll do my best to bring more comics to the table from now on then! (And you know, now that I look at the hand, I think the middle finger is a little off... seems a bit too thick at the base, perhaps?)

3. Thank you so much! Hmm the time varies from piece to piece, depending on what technique I'm using. For example, a full body piece would probably take me an hour for the sketch, and 3-5 hours for the lines and colors if I don't do anything else. Full color bust shots tend to clock in around 3 hours on average. I'll time my drawings from now on though, to see if I can get a better estimate for you!
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