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Kiki's blush only deepened when he did this, and she felt a tingle run down her spine. How odd that she felt this way. Was she coming down with something? She liked it though, so she supposed she was ok. She leaned her head back and rested in his arms. Then her mind jumped to another subject.

"Gah! Where's the teacher! I wanna do this class!" the hyper girl said, tapping her foot boredly. She was not good at waiting.


And so Valorie captured the powerful Thyme... Not Thyme smacked the treat away with her small hands. Well, she would have if she possessed such strength. All she ended up doing was kind of pushing on the girl's hand. What, didn't she recognize Thyme? Thymea was a bit shorter than normal snivies, and her green scales a tiny bit darker... Oh wait, humans didn't notice those minute differences that two members of the same species of pokemon had unless they were right next to each other. There was always a little varience between members of the same species, look at two human males. Though, she understood the issue. If she didn't know better she might mistake one human for another. But there was another thing. a scar on her arm from an event that happened long ago... No, no, that was covered by body paint to hide her browning skin. Stupid winter!

"I don't want your damn treat, and I already have a wonderful trainer, so put that thing away!" Thyme said, her tail swishing. Then the teacher spoke, and she shook her head. Oh Arceus, what had she gotten herself into... Well, nothing left to do. She turned and glared at the teacher, as if to say "How dare you" and then looked at Valorie, deciding to stick around so as not to make her look like a fool or something.


Drake nodded thoughtfully... Yes the Rocket Attack was troubling. Why were they here?

"I wouldn't worry too much Mana. You have a whole school filled with the greatest trainers in the world teaching you. I think you will be safe. But always be wary ok? You never know who could be a spy. So just keep your guard up." he said, finishing his breakfast.
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