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Cheryll Renee Moreau

"Well then, I see that most of you are here and I don't expect anymore students too be honest." Higoroshi-Sensei spoke quieting the room. "Oz is a Mage, so I suggest that you all keep distance and dodges his attacks. If there is any Mage here that can make a defense barrier, then please do so for you and your classmates so that they can start to attack Oz." Cheryll watched as the man stood and went to the front of the classroom. "You'll only have to keep him busy for 20 minutes, not more." he continued with a glance towards Allister and the boy she didn't know. "I promise that I will appear after this time has passed. And if I appear I suggest you immediately close your eyes, don't question, just trust me on this one."

Cheryll nodded shakily she was still extremely nervous about fighting. Unsure of herself and her abilities."The other teachers and I weren't prepared when he attacked last time, which explains the big damage they have gotten but I can gladly say that most of them have recovered from that and that tomorrow we'll be following the normal schedule." he spoke moving towards the door. "You'll be leaving to the graveyard right now. He's probably by a huge gravestone near a underground chamber that is hopefully still closed. Please stay close to each other."

"I can handle the barrier, I have just the spell. You'll need to give me about a minute to get it prepared when we find Oz since I need to draw a pentacle, but once it is ready any spell that targets anyone I am trying to defend will be significantly weakened as long as I stay in the pentacle... although the more of you and the further away you are the less potent the spell will be. That's just an unfortunate aspect that the majority of spells I can currently cast have attached to them." Allister said before walking out of the room and Cheryll quickly followed not staying to hear what the other students said.

"A-Allister...i-i'll t-try" she paused as she caught up to him. "I'll t-try my b-best!" she said trying to encourage not only herself but him as well.


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