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Allister Curtis

"I'll t-try my b-best!"

Allister turned from his walk towards the graveyard to see Cheryll standing there, she seemed to be encouraging herself more than him, but he could tell she also wanted to help keep his confidence up. Regardless he was glad she was going to be helping him out.
"I'm glad to hear that" he said to his younger classmate "I dare say we'll need everything you can offer".

He was thankful for her company, but Allister was concerned about Gavin's strange behaviour before leaving the room... and slightly irritated by the "commander" comment he had made. Allister had left not long after the other mage wanting to catch him before he went off to the graveyard but the deva mage had already ran off. He figured he may as well confide this in Cheryll
"If you want to come with me you're going to have to run. I get the feeling that Gavin is probably about to do something really, really stupid despite his armless and weakened state and I figure that I'm going to have to go after him... actually I have a better idea. I'm going to go after him but can you go back and get Yorick? He's a werewolf so he'll catch Gavin faster than me despite my huge head start most likely. Then hurry back because we'll be needing you at the graveyard".

Having explained his concerns to Cheryll and having made yet another request of her Allister sprinted down the halls towards the school grounds. It was quite probably nothing but something about Gavin suggested to Allister that he was likely to be heading after Oz alone. Not a good idea.

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