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Rick was taken aback by how old she was, since she looked so much younger by the look of her face and figure. Though that might be the result of this apparent Burst Heart Effect, so he might want to look into the possibility of age reduction as a side effect. "My apologies. You looked much younger than you appear, though lady does imply a woman in her early twenties, so I believe I'm safe here. But as a local, I must say that this place used to be much more beautiful. So I apologize for your first visit being so poor." As they talked, the townsfolk began to look for the rest of their families, leaving the three of them, Carol, his temporary assistant, himself, and this woman who seemed to have a secret to what he needed to know.

"Carol, could you please go and try finding us some supplies? Just some basics like food and cooking utensils." "Ok Mr. Cache, don't wander too far, ok?" With the two alone, Rick figured that now was the best to ask a more secretive question to the young woman. "Could you please tell me how long you have been able to use Burst?"

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