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Here's an unrelated feature I've just added in: any file which includes the ID number of a thing can instead use the internal name of that thing instead. This applies to:
  • Pokémon sprites/icons
  • Pokémon cries/footprints
  • Item icons/mail backgrounds/berry tree charsets
  • Trainer type sprites/charsets
This allows you to rearrange Pokémon/items/trainer types in their PBS files freely without worrying about having to also rename multitudes of files. While this isn't important for items/trainer types, it's a huge bonus for Pokémon, since now you can rearrange the National Dex at will!

The only downside is that all the files would need to be renamed first to include internal names rather than ID numbers, which is a big task. Should I do this (for Pokémon only)? Bear in mind there's over 3300 battler sprites alone which would need renaming, plus at least 649 of each other kind of file. It'd help if I had some program which could automatically rename bunches of files - does anyone know of any?

One other downside is that it'd be harder to spot missing files, since you couldn't just scan a list of files to find a missing number. I don't know how useful it is to be able to quickly scan through lists of numbers to find gaps, compared to the usefulness of freely rearranging the National Dex.
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