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Name: Aero Hale

Sex: Male

Age: 15


Aero has brown eyes and hair that, usually, is swooped to the left. He's somewhat tall and skinny, but he likes to think otherwise. His hair is also brown, darker than his eyes. In fact, most people end up mistaking his hair or black, which Aero finds annoying. He wears mostly plain colored shirts with jeans. Aero has no care for the latest fashion, he's always just fine with what he has. Aero is well known for his smile, and his laid back personality shows it. His white teeth glow, turning anyone's day into a better one.

Personality: Aero is very laid back and quiet. He is very kind, and loving. Sadly, the lad is cursed with shyness and therefore dislikes being exposed to people. Deep down he really is funny, but he needs to learn that there is no reason to be afraid. In fact, he feels more comfortable around pokemon that he comes across in the wild. And sometimes he feels like Pokemon are his only friend. He is more of a loner, I guess you could say. And all he wants is an actual person he can be friends with. But all he does is seclude himself from the adventure that awaits him.

Background/History: Aero was born in Cherrygrove City to two loving parents. He had a fun childhood. He loved to eat just about anything he could get his hands on. And in school he was somewhat 'popular' with the girls. Aero was really enjoying life, until three months ago a mysterious Pokemon by the name of 'Thundurus' attack Cherrygrove City, casting a large thunderstorm over it. Aero was on his way home; he was on Route 29. And by time he got to his home, there was nothing left.

Aero felt hopeless and fled to the Dark Cave where he know resides in a hidden tunnel. He sleeps on a bed of straw, and eats barely anything. And the only way he gets money is buy selling berries he finds to diners. And Aero doesn't even make much off of that.

Aero lost all of his friends, and now the only friends he has are he pokemon he sees in the wild. Aero needs to let his past go. What Aero needs is an adventure.

I likez Mudkipz
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