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Quote originally posted by Forever:
Could've PMed me asking for an extra hint! :(

It was like, 48 hours from when the PMs were sent, so since I'm probably not going to be awake then, chances are it'll happen at night for America. XD;

Yeah, I got confused. I don't see anything about 48h in the first post, and Twilight said something about it when I PM'd her earlier (sifted through Easter Egg-related PMs, still nothing about 48h). What I had understood was that:

Quote originally posted by Forever:
Then at the end of April 1st, I will draw the winner from the raffle

meant that after April 1st was done in all timezones (making it April 2nd, basically), the raffle would be done :0

Does that mean the raffle is actually April 3rd?


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