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This Is Our Last Goodbye
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Vato - A Corner Full Of Surprise
"RP Corner..." Vato muttered to himself, moving his trusted mouse across the screen, eyes barely open. Nothing like surfing the Internet at 7am, right? Foreshadow of Hoenn, Youkai Academy, Pokemon Odyssey. An excessive amount of flashy and exotic names filled the forum. While it was really pleasing to read some of the IC posts every now and then, he placed the cursor over the name of an RP of his own. This thread having survived even when everyone in it just disappeared...


HOENN REBURST [M] [IC] seemed to be the tile. He could have gone straight for the latest posts, but for some reason it's always enjoyable for him to jusk look at the main posts of random threads... "Let's see..." Another click proceeded, and this time a series of new posts appeared. While he was reading, he couldn't help but notice his eyes were closing with more frequency now, "Ugh, maybe later..." He said to himself while going back to the Corner.

A Thread he hadn't seen before had made itself obvious this time... The Incredibly Wandering Thread, it seemed to read... "The crap is this?" He suddenly exclaimed upon seeing how it made no sense how you could move this thing all around the page for no apparent purpose... "That's PC for you, I guess..." He added while clicking a round blue button that went by the name of POST REPLY.

A short amount of time later, he had already referenced himself multiple times in third person, and was already thinking he may had broke the fourth wall... or not. He never really understand how that works. With one last click, a post by him had popped in the thread.

Only one thing he could say to himself at this point... "Now what?" Little did he knew about this Wandering Thread. Was it safe, or dangerous? Would he meet new people, or will this be his only time here? Disregarding this questions, he just proceeded o stare blackly at his computer, constantly pressing the refresh button, and waiting to see who else would be joining this Wandering Crew...

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