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I know that people will say that they're supposed to be weak because they're the typical kid show villains (ALWAYS being defeated), but does anyone think that Team Rocket need to be stronger?

Personally, I do. I think that they should start by bringing some old Pokémon back (namely Arbok and Weezing; the Ekans and Koffing they were guarding must have surely became strong enough to defend themselves), as well as letting them capture a few Pokémon and have a decent rotation.

Also, I think it would be a great plot twist if Ash could catch a Pokémon that didn't like him too much; train it for a little while and then have it join Team Rocket and STAY on their side. That would cause some very interesting character interactions for whatever arc it takes place in.

Additionally, I think that Cacnea should come back, or maybe a non-grass type like Growlie.

But yeah, I think that Team Rocket is weak (even for a comic relief team), and that they should finally start defeating Ash in at least a few of their encounters. Does anyone else agree?

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