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I do agree with Vappy in that I think if you really think someone deserves to know they're awesome, just VM them. But I mean, VMs do get forgotten, but also, how are people gonna know they were posted about if it's not a thread they check often, or even know about? Or since it's gonna be in OT, which not everyone goes to. idk. I think either way, some people just aren't gonna be aware they were posted about. But I mean, I still like this idea and I think it'd have a good shot at working. And if not, tough nuts, no harm done. Hopefully.

I'm never saying tough nuts lol

I was thinking that every member doesn't have good feedback for staff members. I am not pointing at anyone! But this thread could also be used to highlight not only the good but the mistakes too. Who is perfect? Some members may feel different imo. Again, I'm not pointing anyone and this was just my 2 cents.
Then if they don't have good feedback, post in the staff feedback thread so that it can be addressed and not in member appreciation? lol Did you mean to post this in the staff feedback thread? Cause this is about member appreciation so idk why an opinion on staff would matter, and if the member appreciation goes for staff as well, I's an appreciation thread, so negative things wouldn't be allowed anyway. ;x

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