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I've stated my opinion earlier, but although OVP and CQandF are good alternate options, I would personally prefer it to be in OT because then people can be a bit more lighthearted about it like I sometimes see in blogs ("My friends are awesome, all of you guys rock!") And there are already a lot of important stickied threads to go through already in CQandF that are more important than this thread will be.

Perhaps it will bring some activity back to OT though, which would be nice.

I think Dear Anonymous is good in OVP because it is sorta answering the poll "what would you say to someone here that you wouldn't be able to normally" whereas the appreciation thread would be a free for all.

But if it came down to it, OVP would be another good section.. and maybe the Celebrations section might also be an alternate location.. but due to the nature that I can see things sorta going with it, I think disabling postcount on it would be best ;3'

Edit: And said in the other thread originally, my thoughts on the Member appreciation thread would encompass everyone here.. not just staff or members. I just said Member because staff are technically members too ;3 But sorry for the confusion. Edited my first post accordingly.
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