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Quote originally posted by Sabrewulf238:
I just noticed Medicham has such average stats....especially for a fully evolved pokemon.

410 base stat total for Medicham, that's tragic. It would be nice to see it get an evolution...but it might not considering we have Gallade.

Quote originally posted by Magmaruby and Aquasapphire:
Can't beleive I forgot about Medicham...I wanted it to have an evolution last generation but it didn't happen :(. Hopefully it happens this time. I hope they give it better defense stats...they're not the best per say.

I feel that the both of you are neglecting it's ability: Pure Power. With that taken into consideration, it's attack power is literally doubled beyond what it is now. Meaning, instead of it being base 60, it's actually base 120 (I hope I'm right on this, but that's what I seem to be getting, anyway). But I do agree that it could improve in other areas, though I don't believe absorbing attacks should be it's role rather than just dishing out powerful attacks as often as it possibly can.

A glass cannon, so to speak. I don't think an evolution would drastically change that role, if change it at all.


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