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Originally Posted by Mr Cat Dog View Post
I think it'd be really interesting to have an award show that did that. I don't necessarily think that awards bodies would be so cynical as to think that nothing in a particular year was any good. If anything, the added hind sight can allow properties (whether it be film/music/whatever) that didn't have a lot of impact in their given year but found a second life later on to get their dues. Which can only be a good thing!
Thing is, I feel like the only demographic that an awards show like that would pull is one that was around in whatever time period is being spotlighted in that particular show. Thus wouldn't really lead to any sort of impact in our current media, considering the shows wouldn't be viewed by anyone of our generation. :( Of course, that's a generalization and I'm sure there would be a stray few young'ns that's interests have been piqued which could lead to the spreading of older music via social media or something.