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Quote originally posted by DashieFactory:
I'd love to join! I actually have MLP playing on Netflix as we speak. My nickname, well I like to be called either Dash or Dashie, and obviously my favorite pony of the Mane Six is Rainbow Dash.

On a discussion-related note, I'm considering watching Snowdrop. I cried during My Little Dashie and I have a soft spot in my heart for fictional characters so I'll most likely cry...
Welcome, Dashie! I was expecting your arrival <3

You really shoud watch Snowdrop. It's by far my favorite fanmade episode. I mean, it did made me cry at least, some people do have some "liquid pride" in them. xD

Quote originally posted by Pinkie-Dawn:
A few of my Skype contacts told me that the Brony community is liking the show for the wrong reasons, and they're saying it's because of the memes like standing Lyra and Trollestia. Is this really true? Have we been liking the show for all the wrong reasons? They also don't like how it's isolating the target demographics (little girls).
I honestly don't see that as a problem. It's basically their opinion about how people reacted to the show as a whole. Like Yoshi mentioned, I also like the show because of the art style, and how the show is produced.
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