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Cassandra "Cass" Alexandera- Bandit Fort, Eveamoor

Cass had no idea where she was going. Navigating old, dark forts was never easy. So when she was forced to navigate such structures, Cass usually resorted to waiting for where the enemy came from. Places not covered in carnage were roads not taken. Cass figured that the fort was probably built in some sort of circle, as the hallways would eventually converge at some point. Varian would likely lead the others through that part of the fort, figuring Cass would simply chop down everyone. Maybe if he was lucky, Cass would have some information. Little would he expect that Cass actually completed the job. This would be the first time in a while that Cass completed a rescue mission without almost killing the target. Varian usually handled those jobs.

"Say, who is she anyway?" Honest asked, quietly. At least the boy was smart enough to not alert everyone. Shame Cass rather liked screwing stealth in favor of a blind charge. "Noble's daughter? Has to be really rich if he could pay off a group of you to take on these bandits."

"Yeah, her father seemed fairly loaded. No idea where he got the money. Didn't seem like much, ya know?"

On cue, a group of bandits rounded the corner at a run, their weapons at the ready shouting when they saw the out of place group, moving towards them in a smooth, well-practiced formation. All the more evidence that these bandits were not bandits, but soldiers. Cass sighed, growing tired of these games. She wanted food, drink, gold and sex. Not fighting. She already had a kill count in double digits. That was enough for today. Unless she wanted to aim for a new record. What was her record again? 69? Probably.

"Dammit," Honest muttered. "I've only got the four knives on me." He was seeming to complain. Cass didn't mind. More fun for her.

"I'll take care of the girl, so you can go for it," he said aloud. And then added, "I mean, if you want." It wasn't a bad idea, really. Joseph, here, wasn't as dumb as Cass originally thought. He had a good grasp of the situation. Any time in the past that Cass had to fight with an escort in the past, usually involved a patron expecting to encounter a fight at one point. They were often older gentlemen who saw the horrors of the battlefield. They knew how to follow orders, and occasionally knew how to use a blade. The girl here was young, innocent and scared. She valued her life, sure, but fear had a way of freezing you in place. Cass would know. There was a moment when she was scared too. But that was a long time ago.

Honest pulled the girl from Cass' side and shoved her into a wall, preventing her from being completed surrounded. Honest, in a quick but risky movements, was able to take out a couple guards, stabbing one in the neck with another one of those poison knives and slash open another's throat, and wound a few more. He endured a few wounds himself, trying to defend the girl while creating some space. Still, the "bandits" had them surrounded and Honest was now wounded, his shoulder bleeding profusely. Cass was effectively all by her lonesome. And that's how she liked it.

The swordsmen that Honest managed to barely avoid earlier (having to sidestep to protect the girl), lunged for another attack, but Cass stepped in, drawing her second knife (the other being held tightly by the girl who cowered in fear), slicing his sword arm off. With a cry of pain, Cass put the man out of his misery with a knee to the gut, proceeding by a slice of the throat. A small pool of collected where his body fell like a sack of potatoes. The remainder of the group of bandits watched the execution of the swordsman with mouths gaping wide open. Not only did a small woman single handily chop a man down, but she did so without any struggle.

Two of the soldiers seemed weary, the daggers from Honest slowly having an effect. Must of been laced with poison. Cass sighed. "Well, you two won't be much a fight." With a quick draw of her claymore, the two heads of the poisoned soldiers were cleanly lobbed off, hitting the ground with a loud pop. They rolled over to their friends frozen with expressions of anguish and fear. The remaining soldiers did not hesitate to step in, their training conquering their fear. Cass ducked under the first slash, cutting off the leg of the solider. He tumbled down on the ground and Cass drove her claymore through the man's stomach, finding the weak patch of his armor. Her sword, however, got stuck in the entrails of the solider. Another solider sought to seize the opportunity, swinging his flail wildly. Cass sidestepped around the solider, driving her backup knife into the man's eye, grasping his flail as fell over. She then swung the flail with bloodlust and intensity, crushing another's man sculpted face, leaving the a bloody mess on the cold ground. She threw the flail away, returning her weapon of choice. Another small wave came at her with Cass greeting them with open arms. She parried a few strikes, before having to jump back to avoid a large sweeping motion of the soldiers. She then charged forward, stabbing the center guard straight through his stomach, twisting it to remove it easily. The others saw the ease of the man's murder, the fear building in their hearts. The one chopped down with an axe, in which Cass nimbly dodged, but the other's slash of his sword cut Cass on the arm.

"Ow," Cass said. Her face was a mix of frustration and admiration. They actually hit her. Cass jumped forward and with two quick slashes, both of the soldiers fell to the ground, blood spewing from their respective wounds. "Well, that's that." Cass turned to the girl and Honest, helping them up (it took a few slaps on the girl's part, but Cass always practiced tough love). Cass decided to ignore that her newly acquired slave was basically bleeding to death. "Better clean yourself up," she ordered. She would have to commend Honest's performance in the fight, despite the fact his less than advantageous weapon. Deeper thought reminded her of the fact that Honest probably hasn't eaten or drank anything in days. "By the way, use this alcohol to clean the wound. I hate to see ale go to waste, but I can't have my servant die on me yet."

After Honest picked himself up, Cass walked down the halls coming to oddly placed on the wall. Curious as ever and not fearing for whatever trap was before her, Cass pulled the lever, opening a door around the corner. Beyond the door was her old friend: Varian.

"Oh, hai!" she called out. "Whatcha doin'?"

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