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Originally Posted by Ashka View Post
Thanks very much. Right in front of my eyes, hmm...

Also, is Heatmor supposed to disappear from the volcano? (It probably is). I saw it earlier but didn't catch it. I came back later to do so and it was gone.

...and, out of curiosity, does winning against Solaris and his Garchomp at the volcano affect the dialogue anywhere? I thought it affected a bit of the dialogue in the scary Wasteland event, anyway. I'd already saved by then so I couldn't go back to check.
It appears at semi-random times. It'll be back, don't worry.

Winning against Solaris is... not something I've incorporated dialog handlers for just yet mainly because I didn't actually expect anyone to be able to-- But it will, in other places if not there.
Most of what that event says can actually still be applied even if you win anyway, since Garchomp doesn't really faint outside of battle.
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