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Kick me out the door if I'm a dinkleboo for not reading posts between the OP and the post I'm making now, I'm just answering the thread's question...

I think a Shoutout/Appreciation Thread would be super. In my on-and-off relationship with this website (not any fault of this sites for sure, I just get distracted) I've never come back to butt munches all mean. And, ironically enough, a thread such as a Shoutout would be a godsend because there's a bunch of people I want to thank for being such great members. And you know, the thread may not exist atm, but I'ma go for it... I'ma do it now.

Shoutouts | Sorry; Ban me. xD *nervous

Mac - Brother helped me with my thread without a second thought and wasn't mean about it. (not that I expected such a reaction) But mucho appreciated.

Curious. - I was all; CURIOUS! Help me change my Thread's title! And she was all; "Not my job, brother!" and I'm all; "Who's is it?" and she's all. "That guy over there!" *points to Mac. And I'm all; "THANKS!" and she's all "YOU'RE WELCOME" tl;dr; she's been overly helpful and I thank her for her patience and down right sensitivity to my lack of understanding that I should read before I post (most likely not going to happen, BUT WE'LL WORK ON IT!)

OffRoadSP - For sifting through my stupid Unova Journal posts and liking everyone of them up to date. Real uplifting. Keeps me motivated. :D

JohnnyJ773 - Been uber patient with me while we've been trying to trade off, we both have very erratic schedules and we can't seem to find a good date to be like; "HEY MAN, TAKE MY POKéMON!" So yeah, those guys have been really helpful with me this last 2 weeks. Love ya guys.

PS. I vote 'yes' for Shoutout/Appreciation Thread.
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