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I have a question for you all - Why do you think first person shooter and war games are so popular in this generation of video gaming?

I mean, this is probably just speaking from my overall perspective, but, in the 90s and early 2000s, we have many many popular video games from various genres such as RPG, Action, Sports, Racing and Strategy/Simulation. However, kids in North America nowadays seem to be mostly interested in first person shooter games such as the Halo games, the Call of Duty games, Project Snowblind, Black, Timesplitters, and so on, except for a minority of games from other genre such as Super Mario and Pokemon. Do you think that this is a good trend to keep?

How does first-person shooter games grab the interests of kids, rather than the other genres of video games? Do they have "something" more to them that are more fun, like the overall gameplay, the options available, and so on? Or, could there be something more to this? Any other thoughts? What do you personally think of these first-person shooter games?

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