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Quote originally posted by EternallyAnna:
Hmm? Are you keeping up with the anime? Or are you watching something else? They've certainly become stronger and more competent. They've been actually presented as a legitimate threat to Ash&co lately. I mean they've been competent throughout Unova, but lately the writes have been reviving their old personalities and alternate goals to make them more well-rounded and interesting characters. And they're fairly powerful and sneaky and acting intelligently. They've been amazing lately, and seem to only be getting better.
I'll admit that I didn't watch too much of the Unova saga... Just wasn't my cup of tea. I've mainly been watching the Sinnoh arc as I didn't watch too much of that either... I do know that Woobat is quite a good battler, though. Then again, how many times have Team Rocket managed to screw up a Pokémon that you think would be a good battler.

But it's good to know that they're finally posing a threat to Ash and Co.; after 13 series, it's about darn time. Heck, I might even start watching the anime again now because of this; badguys who are competent after all of this time.

And now that I think of it, Unova was meant to be a bit of a reboot, so that's probably why they've been given new personalities and such. Hopefully the new Team Rocket will stick around and not just slowly become their old selves again. I still want to see some of their older Pokémon return, though.

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