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Quote orignally posted by robn22gongon:
Hey homeys! I tried puttng tha offsets I found here at tha FontGFX and Font Width Part of tha of Fonted but it gives me "Run-time error '380': Nvalid property value". Any idea on how ta fix dis?
Well, thare could be dawgy reasons behnd tha error. But, it sounds like dis is just a typical error behnd tha progrbe not recognizng a value due ta tha fomat it's ben written at.

If you're usng hexadecimal numbers ta mark tha addresses, tha prefix of tha values could fo exbeple be one of thase: "$", "0x", "x", or, tha value might not need a prefix at all. It all depends on how tha progrbemer of tha taol wanted ta create it. Also, tha ni-file might also not be able ta deal wit hexadecimal at all, and you'd have ta convert tha values nta decimal first ta be able ta load data at those addresses (or tha othar way around).

On tha othar hand, by what I picked up from diego's thread thare, editng tha font can be achieved really easily just by usng Tile Molester (although it may not sound like that coz you can't see images of tha process thare), so you don't really even need dis additional font editng taol fo tha job.

Pretty much everytime tha graphics isn't compressed (just like you can compress data nside zip-archives, graphics data can also be compressed nside tha rom wit a certan compression routne, ta make tha images/sprites fit n shawter space), you can edit tham wit a tile layer editar, like Tile Molester, witout havng an additional progrbe "makng tha job easier".
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