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There are some good FPS games like Doom and TF2, but the genre is being tarnished by Call of Duty, which stayed the same since the 4th installment, and Halo, for not bringing anything new to the genre and was simply Goldeneye with better graphics. Because of these two franchises, every game company tries to follow their fame with their own IPs (whether they are shooters themselves or not), including Capcom when they were developing Resident Evil 5. Some of the gaming community even want Nintendo to join the bandwagon in order to survive from going out of business because of the dominance of shooters in the western culture. The Game Overthinker said it himelf that the popularity of the FPS genre could eventually create a metaphorical black hole that's dragging the game industry to its downfall if we don't open our eyes. I also want to point out that Gears of War is not a FPS game; it is a third-person shooter.
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