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Well just to add to the comment I VMed on your profile Nichole. I know I shouldn't intrude too much and you probably won't read this, but I think I must as a concerned friend. I really don't know what blog entry everyone's talking about. I know you posted a blog about being more active on Welcome/ New User and I saw some comments just saying "wow." and it seemed sarcastic to me. I don't know what happened next or if that is the blog everyone's talking about, but either way I wish you wouldn't leave over some hurtful comments a person made. It's doesn't fix a problem that's only temporarily and not to be taken as serious as you're making it. And like others here said, criticism is something you use to improve from it. You learn from those mistakes you make in life and not dwell on them. Don't let harsh comments or people let you down. Anyway, I hope that you come back and when you do you can grow even more as a PC member. I don't think you will see this until return again, but I thought I let you know I'm concerned for you. Looking forward to seeing you again in the future. Hope that when you do come back, that you can learn to enjoy life more and take things easier. You are loved here and we will miss you while you're gone.

Oh oh these are beautiful times.
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