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Originally Posted by Cutlerine View Post
> Consume granola bar with indecent haste. When a cop hungers, she hungers mightily.
You snatch the granola bar and pocket it for later.
Originally Posted by Lopnis View Post
>Bag the wallet for evidence, pocket the key to search his office
You follow this order to the Tee.
Originally Posted by Lopnis View Post
>Check Private Derrick's Progress investigating the kitchen
You leave the bathroom, shutting the door as well.
"Derrick?" You ask, entering the room.
"You find anything?"
"Oh, yeah! He's got a schedule up on his fridge." He passes you a notepad with a a few messy words on it. You sigh, his hand-writing's terrible. Personally, you suspect that his Marowak was the one that wrote this down. You make out that he'd planned on going to a convenience store during his lunch though. Perhaps that would be a good place to go... The place is swept and back-up has come to bag the rest of evidence.
Looking over the evidence you decipher he was planning to go to His Job (obviously), a Convenience Store, and the Pokemon Sanctuary.
Where will you go?
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