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You know what guy? I just thought of this.

What if there's an internal crisis? Like there's another famine. They've already begun mobilizing the people, getting them to do air raid and evacuation drills. Maybe it's to move attention away from internal troubles?

Or what if there's a power struggle among the North Korean elite? Kim Jong-eun is a new leader, and this might be a good opportunity for some party faction to oust their enemies. Or maybe ultra-militaristic generals want more power in the government so they start these aggressive movements. Kim, not wanting to appear like he's backing down, becomes aggressive to foreign media to pander to this faction. Kind of like how Mitt Romney would have to say stupid things to keep Tea Partiers happy.

Mao Zedong started the Cultural Revolution that tore up the country, but allowed him to destroy his political enemies. This tells me that the North Koreans might be taking one out of his playbook to improve their own power inside their country. So perhaps changing the balance of power in their own favour is worth closing down the Kaesong Complex. Or these are the ultranationalist faction that don't like cooperation with the South in the first place, and so don't see Kaesong closing as much as a sacrifice. There are always ideological nuts in every country that see their agenda to be more important than the national interest.

So if this happens to be the case, open war would be unintentional because that would jeopardize the power they're trying so hard to obtain. However, this would be a really big gamble they're trying to achieve. Thoughts?
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