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Rustboro Ruins

Chapter One: Part Ten
Ashes of Beauty

"I would agree... I don't like fighting... Unless it's necessary, which isn't common." She turned her attention to the young woman who she now knew as the Rick's assistant, Carol. "Tunnel collapse..." She mumbled to herself, and then turned her attention to Rick. Rick happened to be looking her directly in the eyes, to which she immediately turned her attention away, her face burning up with a pinkish tint once more. He suggested that they head toward the tunnel, and catch some rare Pokemon.

"Umm... Okay if you want..." She felt her stomach growl, though chose to ignore it for the time being, continuing to speak, "but I don't catch Pokemon or anything... And I don't have much of an interest to." She stood herself up slowly, trying her best to relax herself silently so that her skin would lighten once more. "I suppose... To be a more purposeful part of your team, I should start training to fight again..."

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