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Hay y'all. Just...gonna...stick this...right here...*grunts to crouch on the floor and slip SU under the door* [/unknowing poet] Also, sorry if it turns out wall-ish. I have an elaboration problem~

Camdyn Garrett Millor

Nickname: Cam, Cammy
Age: 14
Sex: Male
Dorm: Suicune
Appearance: Camdyn stands at a rather decent 5' 9", and has the slender build to complement it, much like that of a runner or a swimmer. His head is topped with a mop of crimson hair; the kind of red that looks ruddy from a distance, but grows more vivid and red-violet the closer you get. It falls in long bangs over his forehead and in places dips into his deep amethyst eyes, which have thin shocks of light lavender running through them, creating a sort of kaleidoscope effect. His eyes are big and bright, and they rest at almost a perfect distance from each other and his small, button nose. There is a splash of freckles across said surface, which are darker than his already caramel complexion. His mouth is usually small, with thin lips and pearly white teeth. There is almost an imperceptible gap between his front teeth, but if you look for more than a few seconds you'll see it there. He has high cheekbones, with a slightly thin face and a small, prominent chin.
His shoulders are somewhat close set, and his arms are long, his fingertips reaching halfway down his thighs. His hands are of average size, and his fingers are long and thing, his ring and little fingers slightly cocked inwards and all with slightly bony knuckles. His torso is somewhat long, as are his legs, which also radiate a spidery grace. His feet, however, are unusually large, and he likes to try to conceal the fact. He likes to wear a variety of garments in his wardrobe, but the most common thing he wears on school grounds is a plain short-sleeved t-shirt with a wide, open collar, and three buttons, somewhat like those of a polo, along with skinny jeans and blue/black checker-patterned slip-on shoes.
Personality: Camdyn is a recluse. There's pretty much no other way to put it. He is kind-hearted and quiet, and quite intelligent to boot. Polite and caring, he'll gladly hold open a door or help with a heavy load. The only problem is, the only words you'll get out of him are "you're welcome"; and that's if you're a lucky one. He doesn't know how to go about a conversation, and has to think about every word he says (or doesn't say). He will never start a conversation on his own, and would rather go on in class silently without a pencil instead of asking someone to borrow one. He's uncomfortable when making an effort to talk to someone, but feels he should hold to a conversation for as long as necessary, and as soon as the opportunity comes up, he'll issue a farewell and keep going about his business. The only people he feels comfortable talking to are those he's been exposed to for extended periods of time, like family and close classmates. Books and solitude, knowledge and learning, have become his paradise and coping mechanism, his comfort and solace, and his curtain behind which to hide from the intimidating world.

It's the social interaction that makes him uncomfortable, but he hates that about it; and so he has come out with a low self-confidence, and usually puts others before himself, doubting his own abilities while also trying his best to overcome it. He's smart enough to understand why he feels how he does; he led a sheltered life, and by the lessened interaction, abrasive childhood friends and arrogant peers, he has developed a self-demeaning mindset, yet he can't shake himself of it. He persists enough, though, that he can maintain a good conversation with peers if they so wish and if he finds the topic interesting. He tries harder every day to become more comfortable with those around him, and it's become easier for him with adults and other students who have things in common or are on the same level as him in terms of personality and maturity. And once you get past his wall, he's a lax person with a kind heart. He laughs a lot, and you'll definitely be able to tell that he's comfortable and happy to be around you.
History: Camdyn was born to Moira Millor (nee Bourdone) and her husband, Vincent Garrett Millor, in Canalave City in the Sinnoh region. Moira, owner and manager of the local Pokemart, and Vincent, head librarian at the famous Canalave Library, made enough in wages to more than support their son and give him all he wanted in life. Vincent, despite being a librarian, was the unstructured and clownish parent, spending a lot of time at home reviewing books for the library and teaching Camdyn about the lore and mysteries of Sinnoh. His mother, then, was disciplined but hotheaded, and very loving and protective towards her son. They lived a quiet life, and for his third birthday they got him an Eevee egg, which hatched almost three months after the occasion, being named Olive when the event occured.

Camdyn was homeschooled by his father on the basic topics of Pokémon training, like status conditions and battles, and he and Olive started to train themselves when the former turned 8. They would go out to the docks, and Vincent would ask the fisherman to fish up a catch they could battle earlier in the morning before he went to the library. Olive would succeed in about 3/4 of her battles against the Pokémon, and after three years' time, they would be battling the fishermen themselves. Olive, being feisty, would be angry at her new success ratio of 1:3, and Camdyn asked his father how Olive could become stronger. He said that she could evolve, and knew that there were many ways for her to evolve. After showing her all the possible evolutions Olive made her pick, and Vincent set out with his son to travel to Eterna Forest on foot, since both got nastily seasick very easily.

They first crossed a bridge over to Jubilife City, where they stayed a night at an inn and Camdyn was challenged by local trainers at the school. It went on like this, with a couple close scraps here and there, and they eventually stopped at an inn on the road, near Eterna Forest. They set out in the early morning to find the Mossy Rock, and Olive led the way, being able now to sense the stone's cool aura. After a few hours of trekking through the forest, they found the rock, and the small Eevee started to feel the hype; she started barking and yipping, irritating nearby Pokémon. A Buneary came out and attacked her, and a surprisingly short battle ensued, since Olive soon evolved into a Leafeon. But then a horde of Dustox swarmed, as in the battle the Pokémon knocked themselves into several trees and ground-level nests. Olive seemed overwhelmed and at a strong disadvantage, but soon the tide was turned as a Buizel from the river near Floaroma Town they had befriended showed up. It turned out that the guy had been following them since their encounter, during which they had given him an extra sandwich neither of them had wanted. He pledged his loyalty to Camdyn and his father as best he could and gained the moniker "Jett."

Camdyn's thirst for knowledge grew with age, and three years after the encounter in Eterna Forest, and was invited to join the Pokémon Trainer Academy. His parents were thrilled to learn that he was accepted by the school ("In the top dorm, even! I'm so proud of you, honey!"), and he set off on the next boat out of Canalave, Olive and Jett accompanying him, all three wondering what would be in store during this next stage in their lives together.

Species: Leafeon
Nickname: Olive
Personality: Olive is much like Mrs. Millor; she is hotheaded but kind, and very organized. She can't let anyone interrupt her schedule or plans and she gets mad at anyone who doesn't understand what she intends.
Lvl: 29

  • Seed Bomb
  • X-Scissor
  • Iron Tail
  • Swords Dance
  • Tickle
  • Double-Edge (is this okay? Eevee can learn it through move tutor in Gen 3, and I was figuring that's the situation, but if it's not I'll just get rid of it)

Species: Buizel
Nickname: Jett
Personality: Jett is cool-headed and loyal to a tee. He is also a bit of a trickster, and enjoys purposefully messing with Olive's regiment. He can think through any situation, though isn't by any means the brightest crayon in the box.
Lvl: 25

  • Aqua Jet
  • Ice Fang
  • Dig
  • Brick Break
  • Double Team
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