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Quote originally posted by Salamence's dream:
Love this ROM hope the next is even better Giovanni scared me with his pokemon lol
If you came to him later in the game then he was just like a fried Sushi for you. Treat him as an Extra side quest for the game

Quote originally posted by pokemonmaster42:
ok i got to montage fortress in this hack and um i am at the building where the scientist is suppose to revive your pokemon from the fossil and even though i have the skull fossil everytime the guy asks me if i have a fossil for him he quickly replies with "no? is too bad"

so my main question is what do i do about that?
Yes that scientist is bugged because there is another person in the hack who revives Pokes not him

Quote originally posted by MrFayt:
I must be so blind but what is the base rom for DR
The base ROM is FireRed for Pokemon Dark Rising. You could easily spot it on every page if you observe carefully

Quote originally posted by cheatfreak23:
Where is the best place to train EVs for Special Attack? I always seem to have the worst luck with Dragon attacks in this game since the only Pokemon of these three with the best Sp Atk still has a low value of it (basing on their fully evolved forms).
You know my personal experience with the dragons say that they are mainly Physical hitters