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Hi! New here.'s the thing. I'm playing White 2 with DeSmuMe on mac. Everything's great, really. The only thing is I do actually want to catch all 649 pokemon. I've currently got over three-hundred and there are still several left I can get in game.

However, what do I do about those I can't catch in game? It doesn't seem possible to trade for them. I noticed someone mentioned a narc card? What is that, and how would I go about getting it?

If it's not doable, I can just hack in all the pokemon I need at their lowest evolutionary level, but I'd really like to get them legit if I can. I take that pretty seriously - I tend to have multiples of pokemon for each evolutionary stage (except I never keep a baby pokemon as a baby), and their different formes, if any.

Much as I love the battling, I also really love the collecting aspect of these games, and I find it a bit sad that 0nce I've finished trading with Curtis and subsequently trained my pokemon to their highest evolutionary stage, I'm pretty much sunk.

So this post is long enough already, but any suggestions are welcome.
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