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Originally Posted by LiteSandwich View Post
I recently evolved my Swablu to Altaria in Platinum. I do not,however,know what to nickname this fluffy dragon.What should I nickname it?

Originally Posted by EnderBrandon View Post
Saw my post got moved into this. Still hoping for a answer.

Well, it does work. I tried to trade over a magikarp with no stats, abilities, EV/IVs and it worked (along with 5 other Pokemon that where rotting in my box).
Pokémon that have been inserted through cheating are never legal. If you mean will the real game not reject them, then yes, they can be traded. Wifi battles will not allow them in if they are irregular though. If you mean is it legal as in a law in your country, I'm not sure, it'd probably vary where you are. Just never trade Pokémon obtained through cheating here, well unless you want an infraction.