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Penance Malum - The Meeting

As Penance swam along with the rest of his tribe he just had a feeling that everything was going to go so horribly wrong. Okay... he had to trust Aecor a bit, and he did have some respect for the Kingdra, but at the same time this was far from his specialty! It was like... having a electric type in charge of putting out fires. Even though the electric type knew well enough to use a bucket to go out and fetch water, it didn't mean he would be the best pokemon for the job! Okay... now he was getting tensed up again. He didn't want to know who Aecor had elected to stand in for his own presence... but whoever it was... well, he hoped they knew well enough not to jump about all excitedly screaming that they came up with the plan. Maybe it was a mistake he made? Was there some plan that hadn't gone smoothly? Of course there were, but most of them had low casualties and Aecor knew he was doing his best. Maybe it was his personality? Did he need to cut down on how many plans he issued? Change it from ten to nine perhaps?

Penance wanted to swim up to Aecor to asked him personally, to find out why he had been excluded from this, yet fear kept him in check. This was the guy who publicly murdered a spy in front of the whole tribe, granted he didn't think asking such a question would merit a similar response, but still if he asked a question that wasn't supposed to be asked then he could find himself on the wrong side of Aecor.

Alicia... here is what will happen if things go south, forget about porting back for now. Okay... several things could happen. The Caerulus Tribe could be striking up this meeting to simply laugh at us and then kill use quickly. Think about it, with only the humans and us fighting them they would want to kill at least one of their enemy forces to try and even the playing field for themselves, that's worst case scenario and least likely to happen. The Caerulus Tribe could also be looking for help to fight the humans which is the best scenario to go for, in that case nothing bad happens and we just have to work with those lesser pokemon for a time. There could also be a simple truce. Both Tribes attack the humans in their own ways but leave each other alone until the humans are dead, not really teaming up but still getting rid of one annoyance.

Now during this meeting several variables could happen. The humans could find us with one of those flying things they have and try to kill us, they could also send their soldiers in too. There could be a natural disaster that happens, or even some of those strange pokemon that oppose the fighting between our tribes could come and attempt to kill both tribes in one go. Here is what we do, fight in such a case. Number on priority is to defend Aecor, he's the morale for our tribe, if he ever goes down then hope is lost for many of us. If we do get into a fight with Caerulus, aim right for Adamantius, if we take him down well the war becomes that much easier. Remember... wait for Aecor or Admantius to give an order for the soldier to fight. If you cold snap Admantius' neck with your powers that would work well. Just keep your eyes on him, and if you see soldiers start to fire or such, kill him. I know you haven't done anything like this before, but if that does happen... if we do end up going to war then we have to do what needs to be done. Do not lose sight of Adamantius, even lift him into the air if you must! Now... if we end up losing badly, if our forces are being crushed by anyone you port out, get back to our base and warn whoever is left there, you hear me? Don't spend time looking for me, just get up and go. Now... you understand all of that?

Penance stopped his psychic communication there as the group arrived. Remember Alicia, be ready. He reminded her gently as he finally ceased communication and watched as the two leaders began to talk. So far so good... there were no soldiers attacking, no threats being hurled, just two tribe meeting in peace. Though the call for both tribes to head south put the Golduck on edge. He forced himself to stay calm as he moved with the tribe, keeping a steady eye on Adamantus as they moved. Finally, it seemed the negotiation was going down... and it just had to be the worst case scenario didn't it!?

A call for war? In a way Penance wanted to call to Alicia, to tell her to snap the Aggron's neck. Hm... Maybe that wouldn't be so effective. Aggron were tough... perhaps it should instead be a stun? No, even better! If war broke out she could push right into his mind and see exactly what plans he had, who his trusted inner circle was, all sorts of secrets!

Alicia, don't snap the neck, I want you to head into his mind if we do end up fighting here and try and get as much information as you can! Find out about those he trusts, what they are planning, anything! I am not sure if you could snap his neck so just go for digging for information in-

His mind stopped as he laid his eyes on the Blaziken that was always near the Aggron.

Better plan just came in, listen up, things start happening, see that Blaziken near Adamantius? I am making my way over to you, keep your eyes on him, seems that he could be important figure to the Aggron... when things go down, we will port over to him, grab him and port to some location, anywhere but if you can make it over to an island that will be fine. We'll knock him out, disable him or something and from there I'll tell you what to do next. Do not lose your sight on that Blaziken, you hear?

He moved about in the crowd, heading to where he saw Alicia. If this fight went down things would become... interesting.
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