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Originally Posted by Olli97 View Post
As I've stated in several of my posts in this section, The Legend of Zelda is my favourite game series. While I love most of the Nintendo game franchises, and while Pokemon come as a close second, Zelda just has everything I enjoy in a game. The games are usually pretty long, and usually gives some challenges, especially in the puzzle department. They're fun and addicting, and was the first series of anything aside from Pokemon I got hooked on. Worst thing about it belonging to Nintendo however is, that they always have so many projects runnning, which means it usually takes years before a new game is even announced. Often there'll be a new console released between the release of two games, which means a new game will most likely be on that console, which makes it all pretty expensive. Like, most people bought their handhelds just to play Pokemon games, and there's usually only two games released for that console anyways. Which is good for Nintendo of course, and helps them in making new games, but not really that affordable for most consumers :/

A little bit sidetracked, but yeah, Zelda is definitely my favourite Nintendo game series.
They're different teams though. There's a dedicated Zelda team. And they tend to start working on the next one, even if just brainstorming, before the current one they're working on is even released
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